Ye Corporation O'Squaremen

Buchan Shed #4

Ye Corporation O'Squaremen

Ye Corporation O'Squaremen

Squaremen Accessories..!

At the moment I'm rather limited on what I've got to display on this page - really limited for pictures actually. But there is quite a bit of stuff & I will get pictures and details about the rest in due course. So for now, have a look at what is here and remember to come back later.

Most of the items below are readily available from either the Boxie or the Skinner at any meeting, or you can email me to make a special arrangement.

Squaremen Coin - front

Buchan Shed 4 Coin

Size: 1ΒΌ" - 31mm

(A bit bigger than a 50p piece

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Squaremen Coin - back
Squaremen tie

Squaremen Tie

Nobody ever said they had to be nice !

Tie patern
Squaremen Ritual Book

(L) Ritual Book

Ordnances & Bye-Laws (R)

Ordnances + Bye Laws
Squaremen Lapel Pin Ye Corporation O'Squaremen

Lapel Pin

Size: 27mm - 1 1/16"