Ye Corporation O'Squaremen

Buchan Shed #4

Ye Corporation O'Squaremen

Ye Corporation O'Squaremen

Ode to Buchan Shed #4

To commemorate Buchan Shed's 50th. year - 2001
Denny Cheyne Auld Deacon Denny Cheyne. Ye Corporation O'Sqaremen

Its Fifty years noo on this day

Since Buchan Shed they made their way

Fifty years o endless chatter

Fifty years o' dreeps o water

First in the chair was Hughie Hill

The first to get that tingling thrill

Jackie Buchan was next in line

To rule the Shed he managed fine

Robert Douglas the took ower

Then John Leel wis number four

Drewie Hay wis number five

Oor Buchan Shed began tae thrive

Jim McLennan then took a shot

He loves the Squaremen quite a lot

Scotty Keith joined in the fray

And following him wis Kenny Gray

Billy Murdoch, Bobby Bruce

Oor Shed grew up just like a spruce

And then a man we welcomed back

That jovial man, its Jimmy Mac

Then Eric Michie he took o'er

The Worthy Deacon o' Shed Number Four

At number sixteen wis oor Sandy

He jist managed fine and dandy

Dougie Gammack ruled like a Lordie

Followed on by Huntly Geordie

Tam Hay then took o'er the chair

He ruled the Shed and wis quite fair

Kenny Duguid and then John Riddle

Took to sitting in the middle

Geordie Bain we next did see

To meet the Queen for his M.B.E.

Then Bill Stuart and Denny Cheyne

Did their bit and then wis deen

Jimmy Henderson then took o'er

To be the mannie o' number four

Geordie Robertson the next to tangle

Looked at the reef fae every angle

Then Ron Simpson at twenty four

Ruled the Shed we fine decor

The faither Jack fae Peterhead

He took his turn to be the head

That takes us till the present day

Where Brian has the final say

A damned good night I wish you many

Fae this Auld Deacon your Brither Denny.